United Healthcare

United Health Group is the parent company of United Healthcare and serves over 70 million people in the United States and is the largest single health carrier.

Whether in need of individual, family or group health insurance, an HMO or PPO, United Healthcare has it all! With an outstanding track record of providing health insurance; United Healthcare is leading the way with different types of insurance plans, dental insurance, wellness care, supplemental Medicare policies, and cost effective plans for every budget.

By choosing United Healthcare, you have access to a huge network of health programs that guide you in making your wellness and health decisions.

Most doctors and facilities (labs, x-ray, etc) that are part of the United Healthcare Network provide discounted services because they are in network. With an extensive on-line support system, United Healthcare provides its clients with easy access to common medical and heath questions. Just browsing United Healthcare website leads to an array of opportunities and programs designed to help their policy holders.

Allow the health insurance agents at ABP Brokers guide you through United Healthcare’s vast amount of different types of health insurance available to get coverage and prices you will be happy with.

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