Company Wellness Programs

Implementing a Wellness Program

Wellness programs can help lower your company’s insurance rate. Businesses that offer wellness programs reap the reward when health insurance premiums come due. By offering wellness plans, it gives your employees a chance for a happier and healthier life.

Obesity has become a major issue in our country. It will eventually lead to many medical conditions; couple this along with smoking and individuals just not being active enough. Companies have turned to programs that evaluate the employee’s health risk. After a thorough evaluation, your business or company can recommend a wellness program that best suits the individual.

Often an incentive is used if the employee participates in such a program, usually by lowering health insurance plan rates. Even if your employee does not reach his or her goals, a small reward might encourage them to continue.

Some of the many programs available include nutritional help, classes that help to reduce and quit smoking or weight loss plans or exercise and conditioning routines.

Not only do company employees benefit from wellness programs, physically, mentally and financially; the business that offers these structured programs to help their staff see reduced costs of their commercial health insurance plans.

A healthy employee misses less work, has a better attitude while working and is much more productive. Everyone wins!

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