General Liability

Arizona Business Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is for companies with fewer than 500 employees and is an important part of protecting any business from financial ruin. No matter where in Arizona your business or company is located, liability insurance can save it from financial loss due to claims of damage or injury – to others caused by you or your employees.

Arizona liability insurance company’s policies typically cover:

  • Property damage – damaged done to property that is not yours but caused by you or your employee while doing business
  • Personal injury – causing harm to a person’s rights and reputation such as invasion of privacy, libel, slander, false accusations that result in arrest etc.
  • Bodily harm or injury – injuries resulting in physical damage caused by you or an employee at the individual’s home or at the company.
  • Judgments and Legal Defense – If you have to defend your business against law suits and financial responsibility up to limit of coverage

Arizona does not require businesses or companies to have liability policies while operating in this state. This leaves your company open to risk of lawsuits and financial disaster.

With many of the top liability insurance companies available at ABP, it will be easy to find a program that best suits your business. $500,000 – $1,000,000 of coverage is the average amount small businesses usually carry.

Premiums are based on many factors including how many claims have there been in the past, type of work your company does, how many employees and how long has the company been in business.

Commercial liability insurance is a wise investment for any company. As you watch your business grow and prosper, it is a comforting feeling to know that it is protected from financial disaster due to unforeseen circumstances.

Professional liability insurance is not often thought of by businesses who give advice to clients or professional services not involving any manual labor. This type of insurance protects the small business if is sued for negligence when client’s expectations are not met.

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