Employee Benefits

Phoenix employee benefits insurance

Providing your employee with good benefits could be the reason a qualified worker chooses to join your company or business. Nice insurance benefits are a calling card for top notch individuals who look to grow with your company and find a stable and rewarding position.

State of Arizona Employee benefits that are required by law include social security and workers compensation. The employer must pay social security taxes at the same rate as the people they employ.

Optional benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, vision, prescription drug plans, 401K’s, retirement benefits, disability plans and relocation assistance can make joining your company or business a more attractive prospect and deciding factor in today’s workers.

Whether a small business or large company, employee benefit plans are an important part in creating a friendly and stable work environment.

At ABP, we can walk your company through the very best way to proceed with benefit plans that will suit your needs and budget from instituting a 401K program or retirement plan for you employees, or a group term life insurance. There are many different types of benefits to enhance the appeal of your business and make for a “happy” work place.

Most insurance benefits are tax-deductible for the employer and non-taxable to the employees.

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