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A group dental plan is a great addition to any business or company. Surprisingly, only 35% of companies offer a group plan and only 63% of companies that offer health insurance have dental plans to go with them. When entertaining the idea of a group plan, consider the fact that it is the third most popular feature in benefit packages, behind health and retirement.

Access to a quality group dental plans is usually very affordable and costs pennies to pay to add to health care packages.

Dental insurance plans:

  • Adds a recruitment tool when seeking employees
  • Many different plans are covered allowing the employee to choose the best plan for their budget
  • No waiting period
  • Offers a huge network of dentists for savings or the ability to choose any care facility

When considering a group health insurance plan, a great addition is group dental.

ABP Insurance Brokers has a dental plan that will fit your company’s budget while satisfying your employees with the best dental plans on the market.

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