Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is usually a supplemental policy added on to your health insurance, but vision insurance plans can also be purchased separately.

Just like a dental plan, there are many different types of policies that cover a wide variety of eye care and products.

Whether you or your family opt for the best vision insurance or cheap vision insurance, there is a coverage plan available for you.

Depending if your plan has a deductible or just a co-pay at your visit, most annual eye-exams are very reasonable with vision insurance with only a slightly higher charge if you wear contacts.

The next part is a bit trickier and can be thoroughly explained by your ABP agent and of course depends on the policy you chose. Many policies cover new glasses, frames and lenses, contacts and some let you choose designer frames.

Individual insurance plans, as well as family ones, start right away with no waiting periods. Pre-existing conditions, such as you already wear glasses or contacts doesn’t affect your plan at all.

As always, in many policies, if you use in network providers the savings will be more. With affordable rates, a huge selection of providers and product, vison insurance plans are a cost effective addition to any household.

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