Prescription Drugs

We know prescription drugs included in your individual health or family health plans can be a challenge. What is covered and the cost will depend on the type of plan and the amount of the deductible you have. The drug tier will also come into play. Add to the fact that prices vary from drugstore to drugstore. Some insurance companies insist on generic brands or won’t cover a particular brand or type of medicine due to its high price. You have a maze of choices that can best be explained by your Scottsdale Health Insurance experts at ABP.

You and your health insurance agent will work together to decide on the policy that fits your needs the best. A little research on your part can also save money. Ask your doctor for the generic brand of your medication. FDA approved and less expensive, a generic drug is safe, identical or bioequivalent to the brand name and much less expensive. Many of today’s best known and commonly used drugs like Celebrex and Lipitor are available as a generic.

Another unique feature offered by many of the top insurance companies we carry is mail delivery. Humana, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Aarizona pharmacy drug coverage can have your prescriptions mailed to you as needed and at a savings.

A few more tips that can help with your drug selection is ask your doctor if there is an over the counter drug that does the same thing. Find discounts and coupons and always check your pills at the drugstore to make sure they are the correct ones.

Personal health insurance, family health insurance, ABP Brokers are the leaders in Arizona Health care and you can be assured they will find the policy with a prescription drug plan that is right for you.

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