Medicare Supplemental

Medicare has been supplying medical insurance to those age 65 and older since 1966. As long as you worked and paid into the Medicare system you are entitled to receive this form of health insurance.

Medicare has its limits as explained in Medicare Part A and Medicare B. Briefly, Part A covers hospital stays, generally everything associated with your stay to a point not exceeding the long list of rules associated with Medicare Part A.

Medicare Part B covers physician visits, x-rays, diagnostic tests, lab tests, chemotherapy and much more, but is optional with a monthly premium of $104.90. Also covered by Part B are medical equipment like oxygen, or electric scooters, walkers, wheel chairs, canes, prosthetic devices and cataract surgery. Medicare Part B has a small deductible and once that is met covers 80% of approved medical services. The remaining 20% is left to the patient.

For this reason, a good Medicare supplement plan is a must.

ABP Insurance Brokers offers a wide range of Medicare supplemental plans from a variety of top notch health insurance companies. With the right supplemental plan that includes prescription drugs, all of your medical financial worries will be over!

Navigating through Medicare can be hard, best left to a health insurance expert to explain it thoroughly.

Medicaid, for low income households and disability insurance are other factors your agent can explore with you if necessary when applying for a Medicare supplemental plan.

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