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ABP Insurance Brokers is a full service company offering their customers a wide variety of different types of insurance.

Life insurance:

Life insurance can be purchased at any time, but the rates are much better the younger you are. Life insurance should never be considered a savings account, but an investment into the financial security of you, your family and loved ones.

Life insurance basically falls into three categories with many different prices and amounts of coverage:

  • Term Life – Term life earns no cash value, but you get the most dollar coverage for the least amount for a specific period of time. This is a great life plan if you are looking for affordable coverage, for term period; such as a 10 year or 20 year term. Like all life insurance, the younger you are, the better the price.
  • Whole Life – Whole life insurance builds cash value and offers lifetime coverage. This is a long term life insurance plan with a guaranteed cash value as long as premiums are current. Cash is accumulated in whole life and money can be withdrawn against it. Whole life policies usually pay some kind of dividend towards the cash value. With so many types of whole life policies available, let your ABP agent show you the best one for your particular needs.
  • Universal – Universal life also builds cash value, as the money grows it is either earning interest or being invested. These policies are more flexible than whole life but also offer lifetime coverage as long as premiums are current. Money can be withdrawn. To keep costs down, ask your agent about a combination term/universal life policy. A great policy to protect your loved ones.

Auto insurance:

With the many insurance companies ABP Insurance Brokers represent, we have auto insurance to fit anyone’s needs. Low cost auto insurance, classic car, high end car insurance or specialized coverage like liability only, is all available through our vast network of auto insurance companies.

We guarantee that ABP can find a plan that fits your needs and budget. Your agent is there to help you with any claims or problems that may occur with an accident.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers one-on-one personal care and quality of service they deserve.

Homeowners insurance:

Homeowner’s insurance is a must policy for protection against replacement costs, repairs, living expenses or any catastrophe that can affect your home or townhome. Theft, fire, wind, or water damage due to broken inside pipe is covered.

Price of a policy depends on the amount of coverage you need, value of the home, personal property, etc. Along with the deductible you choose, all goes into the cost of your homeowner’s insurance plan.

If you have expensive items in your home, those should be itemized and brought to the attention of your agent so they can be included in the policy as a rider. There is usually a slight increase to cover these valuables. Liability amounts also vary with certain townhome or condo associations requiring a certain minimum amount of coverage.

You can rely on your ABP agent to be with you every step of the way during a homeowner claim, and make sure the process goes through smoothly in what might already be a stressful time.

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