Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is offered by many health insurance companies as well as substantial amount of insurance companies who specialize in dental only.

Most dental PPO plans will give you and your family 100% coverage on diagnostic and preventative services like cleanings and x-rays as long as you remain in their dental network. In the Phoenix area there is a large network of dentists, like Aspen Dental who take a variety of different dental plans.

Affordable family dental insurance, full coverage dental insurance and dental insurance for seniors are available through your ABP Insurance Brokers.

Dental insurance plans in Arizona vary in their price and coverage. Almost all plans come with a deductible. When picking a plan it is best to thoroughly investigate exactly what is covered after your cleanings and x-rays.

A lot of dental plans have maximums per year that they will cover; so it is wise to understand precisely your coverage before you agree to any procedures. Many plans for instance, cover 40/60/80% of crown, which leaves you responsible for the balance.

So, when purchasing a dental plan, have your agent explain the deductible, how much dental will be covered each year, and what procedures are not covered.

Dental care is an important part of our daily life and health. Regular cleanings and thorough personal care can go a long way toward keeping your teeth in the best of condition.

Don’t be afraid to ask your dental provider if they will work with you and your family and help defray some of the costs not covered by insurance.

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