Clinical Laboratory Services

Clinical diagnostic laboratory services are ordered by your doctor or practitioner and are part of your health insurance plan. These services can include urinalysis, certain blood tests, some screening tests and tests on tissue specimens.

It is always important for your care provider to make sure the medical laboratory services that are ordered are covered by your health care plan and that the facility you are sent to also takes that particular health insurance plan. There may or may not be a deductible or copay for this laboratory service; once again depending on the extent and type of policy you have.

Even cheap health insurance can cover most lab costs. Since there are thousands of different types of tests and many facilities performing such tests it is best left to your physician to direct you to the facility that they can rely on for the most up to date in diagnostic equipment and can relay the results in a timely manner. Making sure all test results are confidential, between you and your care provider.

Each health insurance plan that your ABP Insurance expert shows you, whether HMO or PPO has a directive for the best in diagnostic testing and they will explain in detail the different testing offered by this plan and the best place to have these tests done. For example, some insurance plans do not authorize lab tests done in the doctor’s office. Or there may be a limit to the number of tests that are the same that can be done in a calendar year.

Diagnostic testing is integrated into your Arizona health care plan and the cost of these tests depends on the type of plan you purchase from ABP.

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