Boat & Marine Insurance

With multiple boat insurance companies who will give you the most coverage for the best price, you are guaranteed to find a plan that best suits your needs.

Our coverage will make sure you enjoy every minute of your boat, whether it is used for skiing, fishing, or just relaxing while cruising your favorite area with friends and family.

At ABP we realize your boat is your pride and joy and we can put together a thorough and comprehensive quote that is specifically designed for you and your boat or any watercraft you with to insure.

Some basic facts are needed when going over your watercraft policy:

  • Yacht or Boat? – a yacht is considered 27’ or larger
  • Do you want medical coverage included in your policy?
  • Value? – know the value of your watercraft and agree on a value at the time you purchase your policy
  • Liability
  • Personal items stored on your boat or yacht

The many different facets of watercraft coverage along with policies available can be navigated with each agent at ABP Insurance Brokers. Our goal is to make sure your boating experience is always fun by eliminating all your coverage worries.

Marine insurance is available in some cases. Talk it over with your agent.

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