Accident Health Insurance

Health insurance plans, whether individual or family policies will cover medical costs incurred by most accidents.

Specialized accident policies are available for specialty risks.

Amateur and youth organizations can purchase accident insurance plans along with general liability insurance. Other accident insurance products available include but not limited to:

  • Trip insurance (just in case you have to cancel, your expenses will be covered)
  • Travel Accident insurance (you don’t have to worry about medical costs out of the country)
  • Accident medical (if an unplanned event occurs all your needs will be covered)

At ABP, we can customize an accident insurance plan that fits any individual or organization’s needs.

Accident insurance can be purchased separately to complement your existing medical coverage. This insurance plan issues a payment directly to you to help ease the burden of out of pocket expenses like deductibles, childcare, transportation and more. You don’t plan for accidents. Accident insurance helps you or your family handle the financial stress so you can concentrate on recovery.

If accident insurance is something you are interested in, please call ABP Insurance Brokers for a free quote.

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