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27 Apr Phoenix Workers Compensation Insurance

State of Arizona Small Business Workers Compensation

Workman’s compensation insurance is an important tool in protecting any business’s employees. No matter the number of people you employ, the state of Arizona workman’s compensation law requires employers to provide workman’s compensation coverage.

An injury to an employee can disrupt the flow of your business and good employees can be hard to find. As a business owner it is not only in your best interest in protecting employees, but also making sure your business has the best coverage at the most affordable price.

Workman’s compensation insurance also protects your business from being sued by employees for job-related injuries.

Whether you need small business workman’s compensation or own a large business, the key in finding the best workman’s compensation insurance company is working with a knowledgeable and experienced agent . Their job is not only to find the best insurance for your business needs but also find the best in workman’s compensation insurance cost.

Business owners should know that the Department of Labor in Arizona and Workman’s Compensation Arizona require that all businesses with one or more employees provide workman’s compensation coverage.

Workman’s compensation costs are determined by many things. The NCCI, “National Council on Compensation Insurance” is the determining body of what class your business is in. Along with business class other determining cost factors include:

  • Years in business
  • Years of continuous coverage
  • Size of deductible
  • Quality of safety program
  • Employee turnover rate

There are many other factors that go into determining the price of your compensation coverage.

In 1925 the ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona) initiated workman’s compensation in Arizona, no matter the size or mission of the business.

Arizona’s workman’s compensation is a “no fault” system which means workers receive compensation benefits no matter the cause of the job related accident. Insurance companies have to be licensed by the state of Arizona to provide coverage.

Obtaining quality workman’s compensation insurance at the price that best fits your company’s needs is a complicated web best left in the hands of an agent qualified in this field. With so many workman’s compensation insurance companies determining the right policy it should be left to an expert. Working with an agent gives any business the comfort of that one – one experience.

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