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19 Jul Group Business Benefits Insurance

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It is important as a business owner to have the type of business insurance that best suits your company’s needs and price affordability while making sure your employees get the best coverage available for the amount of money spent.

At ABP Insurance Brokers, we offer a variety of different business insurance coverage and will always exceed your expectations while performing beyond your insurance and benefits needs.  Our goal is to make sure all your insurance needs are met and that your business has adequate insurance protection.

Employees are the key to success of any company.  Making sure the insurance plan you have has the coverage to adequately cover them during any critical illness is important.

Certain employees are indispensable, even though it is often said “No one is indispensable”.  Losing a key contributor to your business can be a major blow to any company.

Protecting your business’s finances is key, and losing someone through illness or death can be critical to any business profitability.

We can help your business by providing life insurance for any key employees.  This will protect the business’s financial position by providing funds to help train and recruit a suitable employee and bring in additional support during this period.

When considering your insurance options we often recommend supplement polices such as cancer coverage, critical illness or accident plans.  These can help with specific treatments, short and long term care and critical out-of-pocket expenses;

  • Loss of income
  • Travel – facilities for treatment
  • Daycare or childcare
  • Home health care

Whether expenses included in your company’s benefits package are offered as additional coverage that is paid for by the employee, supplemental coverage are products that have many benefits.  Cancer coverage, critical illness and accident plans are great for attracting top notch employees or keeping existing ones.  We have customizable options from all the top insurance companies to accommodate you and your employee’s needs.

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