16 Oct Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is a MUST for any business or company.  It helps protect against specific disasters that jeopardize your real estate or business assets. Events that may occur and can be covered include: Theft Fire Vandalism Water damage The importance of commercial property insurance cannot be measured.  It helps protect...

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19 Jul Group Business Benefits Insurance

Phoenix Business Insurance It is important as a business owner to have the type of business insurance that best suits your company’s needs and price affordability while making sure your employees get the best coverage available for the amount of money spent. At ABP Insurance Brokers, we...

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02 Jun Employer Liability Insurance Phoenix

Arizona General Liability Protecting your business from being sued is a very important aspect for any business owner no matter what size of company you own.  Liability insurance or commercial insurance, as it is sometimes called; is a vital asset every business owner should have.  It...

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27 Apr Phoenix Workers Compensation Insurance

State of Arizona Small Business Workers Compensation Workman’s compensation insurance is an important tool in protecting any business’s employees. No matter the number of people you employ, the state of Arizona workman’s compensation law requires employers to provide workman’s compensation coverage. An injury to an employee can...

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